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SKB Route 66 cases

Posted: 16th October 2010 by admin in Home, Stuff

Fang guitars are now delivered in sturdy injection molded cases from SKB. These cases feature the TSA Approved locks and latches, so, when you’re going on tour in the US, customs staff won’t have to break into your case. That’s nice.

Fang Guitar performing before 4.000 people

Posted: 31st May 2010 by admin in Home

Rockstad:Falun was a great success for Fang Guitars. There were lots of appreciation of both looks and sound of the guitar. The pic below shows Thomas Nystrom and the other guys in Prey, performing their song “Into Fire” from their latest album “Knights of the Revolution” (Prey – Into Fire).

Fang #1 Specs

Posted: 27th May 2010 by admin in Products

Everything in a Fang guitar is made of the highest quality materials. The wood is handpicked from the kiln, the electronics are carefully modified and tested and the hardware is best of breed. Since everything is hand made, we can take into consideration and capture the individual traits of the wood,  adjust measurements and move [...]

Fang – fine handmade guitars

Posted: 26th May 2010 by admin in Home

If you want to: experience the thrill of playing a handmade instrument know that your guitar is the only one in the world that have the exact specs and measurements have a say about neck profile, wood selection, finish, colour, string height and spacing etc. then a Fang guitar is for you. If this is [...]